Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Building a GC/Wii Development Setup

I have been working on a set of detailed instructions for setting up a development environment for the Gamecube and Wii. One of the main goals I have for this is to be able to compile each library from its source, rather than just extracting an archive full of prebuilt libraries. This will protect the libraries from possible extinction should the original people who port them to the GC/Wii stop. As well, should newer versions of the original library (like libpng for example) become available, it will then be quite easy for anybody to be able to build them again.

You can view the work in-progress via Google Docs. There are instructions for both Linux and Windows. Give it a walk through and let me know if it works for you, or if there are other libraries you can think should be included. It isn't complete yet, but I hope to have it ready to compile the more popular apps (like the various emulators) soon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


To let you all know, I am preparing for some death in the family, so I have been unable to dedicate much time lately to coding. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to return to improve these apps.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay, since FCEU v1.0.9 was set out in the wild, I've resolved some bugs, added some features, etc. You know, all the usual stuff to make it better and betterer.

First, was a bit of a show stopper, as the emulator didn't even load the files you attempted to load. It went through the motions, but didn't quite finish. So, that was the first thing I had to fix (r8).
Then I found that ZIP reading files from the DVD (in Gamecube mode) wasn't quite working. So I had to quash that bug (r9). To round out the first round of fixes, I borrowed the memory card mounting routine from Crunchy2's Snes9xGx v2.0.1b8 (r10). Hopefully that will help many people that had trouble using their memory cards. If not, remove and reinsert your card and try again.

After a bit of a break to solve Zelda again, I continued to port some of the changes I made to Snes9xGX to this emulator. The list of changes include WiiSD support (r12, r13, r14, r16), a potential fix for those EU folks who need the video to be set to 60Hz (r15), work on easing translation to other languages (r19, r20, r21, volunteer translators needed, by the way), and bringing the VFAT library to the WiiSD card for long filenames.

The last thing I have worked on has been an effort to save and load the various settings in the emulator to any of the devices. For now, when the emulator first starts, it will attempt to load the settings from SD Gecko in Slot A for Gamecube mode or the WiiSD in Wii mode.

That catches me up with the present. The DevkitPro folks have been working towards a newer release of the devkit and libOGC with better Wiimote and WiiSD support. I hope to have one more release of these two emulators before that so I can dedicate more time to added these new features.