Sunday, February 10, 2008

GCM Tool

I've opened this blog to keep news on the various projects I am working on.

First up is my command-line tool, GCM. It will display information from a Gamecube image. It will also allow you to shrink the image to the smallest necessary size, while still allowing it to play fully on a Gamecube or Wii (similar to GCMUtility). You can check out the latest source from SVN at Google Code. I have started implementing the ability to extract files from Gamecube images. It isn't yet in a finished state, but you can experiment with it.

I have found one game that GCMUtility fails to shrink properly. With Super Monkey Ball, it does not reassign the bootfile offset to it's new location when shrinking. So, you end up unable to play it. Thus far, I haven't run into any games that my GCM tool fails to run. If there is any, I'd sure like to know!

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dsbomb said...

Another shrinking problem has been found with GCMUtility. This time the game is Dinotopia. GCMUtility does not set the bootfile offset to the new location. GCM does this one properly.