Sunday, May 11, 2008

Snes9xGx News

I wanted to post an update to my work on the Snes9x and FCEU emulators for the Wii/Gamecube. First, I'll go over what's been changed in Snes9xGx.

Since Snes9xGx v0.1.1 was released, I fixed some simple oversights in my code. For instance, when you choose to save SRAM or save states to to a GC Memory Card, you shouldn't really be able to choose the WiiSD as your slot (r38).

Then I implemented some crude work to make translating various phrases in the emulator into languages besides English (r41 and r49). I have some documentation on it at the project's main page. With help from other users, we can provide the emulator in Spanish, German, and Dutch. Speaking of documentation, if anyone out there want to lend a hand, just drop me a line. Any help is much appreciated.

The last big update I did was importing the VFAT library from eke-eke's GenPlus project to Snes9x (r62). So, now you can view the long filenames for ROMs in the WiiSD slot. This library only supports reading, so writing (ie SRAM or save states) are still limited to the 8.3 filename format.

Askot has been working a few things for the emulator as well. He finished up the code to automatically save and load the SRAM (r64). The way it works now is it will load the SRAM after you load a ROM image. Then it will save the SRAM (if the game uses it) when you exit the emulator and return to the main menu. It uses the currently chosen device and slot from the save manager menus. You may want to go into those menus and assign the proper device, then hit B (or select "Return to Previous"), before loading the ROM.

That wraps up this update. There is a lot more work to do, of course. A number of people have coded in some support for the Wiimote and Classic Controller. I need to review some of them, and come up with the best way to implement them. I want a better controller configuration screen for selecting what device and buttons you want to use, which will take quite a bit of work. Hopefully I'll get to it one day soon...

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CJLopez said...

Nice, 'll be looking forward to a release of this, i'm getting kinda sick of having to save state now and then, and not being able to save sram. Not that I dislike the save state, but, really, I'd rather play the games the way they are meant to be.
Hope this one also works with the recent homebrew channel, trying to load freezes the Wii with a dark shade screen, but the Nes emulators works perfectly